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Next Shipping Day: February 28  2017    

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Feb 14  2017 :  

To Australian buyers:

 Australian seized rate is high. I have changed the shape and colors of tablets, making it less like medicines.  dosage and effects are same as old fashions. still arrange reship and refund if seized.  And old fashions  are still provided,  but if seized, no refund . The color and shape of the pills maybe changed without notification. This is to avoid customs checking. This is only for   Australia, I have test for several months, now maybe the only one who can express pills into Australia...

To US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa is still same as old time.



 We  are not usual steroids seller on line. We are a medical research institute of a university in China. So we have ways to get and test hospital level steroids. And we  guarantee low price and best quality.  We are not the largest but try to be the best steroids seller!  Most of our products are for athletes and bodybuilders in China. So you know why Chinese won so many medals. ..The pictures below can prove our words. Pay attention to OMEGA logo. We may send your orders  worldwide to wherever you want.  We have enough experience to go through the customs, especially to United States and Australia. Money refund if seized or lost in delivery.

Some customers complained fake website using my name!!  Pay attention to it! The fake site is omega labs, it is from Mexico. It claims they can provide everything you need. Certainly their products are all shit!  My site name is omega-lab. I am from China. I only provide best oral pills and raw powders. The most important thing is : I ACCEPT  PAYPAL ! It proves me an honest man! Paypal is the safest way to guarantee the customer's money!

1 Shipping time is Tuesday and Friday every week, Track number will be effective on website 3 days after we provided.
2 Please keep your pills in dry place, avoiding washing room and so on.
3 Using PAYPAL, BITCOIN and WU!  We all know that PAYPAL always protect buyers, but PAYPAL is very strict with steroids trade . Please follow my instruction to pay your order with PAYPAL. Money Refund if lost in delivery!  Any problem inquire ,, PLS.

4 Prescription drugs provided now. If you want something special, Contact me ( not include psychotorpic and narcotic drugs). Only provide oral pills and raw powder, liquid medicine will be seized by the customs ( They must have some way to detect liquid)!

5 Samples pack provided now. $30, free shipping fee. 10 pills any products you want. Order over $ 100 may get a free sample pack ( 10 pills whatever you want.)

6 The color and shape of the pills maybe changed without notification. This is to avoid customs checking.





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