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 Next Shipping Day : December 21,  2018 .  Express to US and Australia is O.K now

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Any inquire will be answered within 12 hours.

To Australia buyers: 

 We have been selling steroids for over 8 years now. Australian customs are terrible. But we have discovered safe way to ship to Australia and 98-99% can arrive safely. Arrange reship if seized and money refund if seized again. Buyers who have records of being seized maybe in Australian customs' black list. I suggest you change a new name and shipping address. Injectalbe oil steroids are still difficult to smuggle in.

To Buyers from Europe, United States, Asia and Africa:

No longer use bottles for customs X-ray check. All products have fake labels (sweets, plastic etc) and be packed discreetly. If you want real labels, email me pls. 


We are a medical lab from China about athlete steroids. We have reliable way and technique to get and produce best quality stuff.  We ship worldwide and have experience on going through the customs.  We accept PAYPAL, WU and bitcoins.  Paypal is very strict about steroids, please do follow my instructions on payment.  If the package is lost en-route, we offer 100% refund or free reship.

We arrange shipping on every Tuesday and Friday. Shipping fee is US$ 50 for each package. It is not high considering high risk of passing the customs. Shipping will be EMS,  It takes about 10-14 days to arrive in US or Australia; 12-15 days to arrive in UK or Canada. Ship worldwide, If lost, arrange reship, if lost again, refund all your money. I use a remailer in another city to go through the customs more easily. So usually will provide track number 7 days after sending.


There are also fake omega-lab sites online. such as omegalabltd,, omegalaboratory. Most of these fake sites are in Mexico and had bad reputation. We are in China, China produces 95% steroids in world, So We can provide you real and cheap steroids. Remember our site:


Thank you for your support for our store. And we are striving to improve our service. It is highly appreciated if you could leave  3 positive feedbacks on any bodybuilding BBS or social medias. I will give you free shipping fee for your next order. Please make sure you mention our website and the comments should be longer than 50 words. Send me link please.




All orders are discreetly packed and have fake labels such as sweets or gifts to go through the customs. I also provide real labels which will be sent separately.


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