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Knowledge of Anavar

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Advantages of anavar
Increase muscle during off-season period: because oxandrolone does not aromatic alkylation, so muscle using oxandrolone contians no fat. At the same time it does not cause water storage. However, in the mixed steroid Cycle, Anavar can not be used as the main drug to increase muscle, it should be used with testosterone injection. The user should be able to increase some real muscle, but studies have shown that muscle is more easily retained through using of anavar,.
Although Anavar is off-season muscle choice, but the female is much more sensitive to it than men , so they may take anavar for increasing muscle, and mainly to improve the quality of the muscle is enough.

Anavar can also improvethe the body's metabolic rate. It allows the user increase less body fat in off-season period . Because it can increase free testosterone levels in the body, so other steroids are also more effective when used in combination.

Dose of anavar
As a male users for circle of reducing fat,The dose of 20-30mg every day will produce results, but the 40-50mg will be more effective and the side effect is very low . 80mg daily dose is not recomanded, which can lead to side effects. You can increase the dosage, but the risk of side effects will gradually increase. It should be noted that, if used as fitness ameteur , Anavar can have a good effect, but if you want to carry out competitive , there are some other drugs may be more effective.

The standard male use cycle is about 6-8 weeks. For many users, the most effective way to get muscle is to use a new anabolic steroid for 3-4 weeks after anavar.

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