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Dianabol 20MG

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Thanks to the rapid effect, Dianabol is widely popular used in Australia. Aerobics Athletes in the prevalence of "the more is the better," the point of view, more and more people began to take a large dose of dianabol, but What is the rationality of large doses ? Urine analysis showed that part of the dianbol metabolism being discharged out of the body. That means that with the increase in dose, a part of the metabolism of dianabol will be discharged directly from the urine. This shows that there is no benefit in large doses. Smaller doses, one day to take a number of times may be better. Vigorously complement usually in a smaller dose (20-40mg/ days), the effect is very good. Anadrol, better metandienone steroid, a similar effect, but the dose in 50-150mg/day. If we can get a better effect if we take that dose. Compared with the toxicity of Andarol,Dianabol is very safe. This theory will be more meaningful if we take into account that the half-life of dianabol is 3-6 in the body . Therefore, 3-4 times per day to take is much more better than just taking 1-2 times . By the way, this low dose have proved very effective.

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Dianabol 20MG


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