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Diet During Muscle Building

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The total calorie intake is greater than the total calorie consumption.

To get enough calories, you need to find out the total calories your body needs every day, and then add 5% to 20% more calories from that. You can gradually increase your calorie intake . We recommend that people who want to gain muscle take total calories to 5-6 meals. Those who are busy or can't eat much food can use protein powder drinks with fruit as a meal. This can also keep the body in a state of assimilation, i.e. a positive balance of nitrogen in the body's muscle proteins, so that assimilation can be maintained continuously. Otherwise, the whole body's muscles will be in the process of decomposition . Five to six meals a day will also provide a steady protein supplement to your muscles, speeding up muscle repair and recovery.

Adequate protein.

Muscle growth requires adequate intake of proteins. In order to meet muscle growth, protein intake needs to reach 1.6-2 g/kg/day. If ordinary fitness people want to increase muscle and control fat growth effectively, they can choose foods with low or medium fat in their daily diet, such as skinned chicken, lean beef, fish and other meat, low-fat milk and chicken protein. On the other hand, good protein powder can effectively help to increase muscle without increasing fat.

Adequate carbohydrates.

It is inadequate to eat only complex carbohydrates or low-sugar carbohydrates during the muscle-building phase. Because complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, cereals, etc. can make your stomach feel overfull and not get enough calories. During muscle building, we can eat more simple or high-sugar carbohydrates, such as white rice, potatoes, bread and so on, so that you can easily meet the calories you need, and your stomach will not suffer too much.

Appropriate amount of fat

Do not completely reject fat during muscle building. First, we need to distinguish between good and bad fats: we need to avoid eating saturated and trans fats. Good fat keeps testosterone levels in the body and promotes muscle growth, so your muscle-building effect will be more obvious. Recommended Food Sources: Peanuts, almonds, avocados, olive oil and other non-animal fats.

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Diet During Muscle Building


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