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Effect of ANAVAR

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Anaver is very mild oral steroids for power growth and muscle gaining, also good for women to use.Anavar not long enlarge muscles latitude, but for making muscle more powerful, Itis very safe for oral administration. It is widely used in powerlifting, sportsmen and women, although it is 17aa but , there is no female reflect. 80mg/day is usually used .
Two kinds of effective oral steroid stanozolol (winstrol) and anavar, are better drugs, They are moderate effective than methandienone . But for all the oral drug, they will improve LDL (bad cholesterol), reducing HDL (good cholesterol) levels. Because the stanozolol and anavar doses are relatively small, some people may need 30 tablets every day, Itwill bring pressure to your liver and your bank deposits.

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Effect of ANAVAR


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