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powder dealing terms is different from orals

* 99.0- 99.2 purity from large pharmaceutical raw material producer. same supplier as those hospital stuff.
* powder is not shipped together with orals. You'll have to pay for powder shipping seperately.
* repack into bottles, might loss 2%-5% in quantity.
* 50% customs loss remedy. if customs takes it, refund half.
* shipping is slower because I don't stock these, often i'll need to order from supplier, wait for it to arrive and then send to you

10g testosterone cypionate $50
10g testosterone phenylpropionate $50
10g testosterone enanthate $50
10g testosterone decanoate $50
10g testosterone pionate $50
10g trenbolone acetate $300
10g trenbolone enanthate $300
10g nandrolone decanoate $80
10g boldenone cypionate $80
10g stanozolo $80
10g dianabol $80
10g anavar (oxandrolone ) $150
10g methyltestosterone $100
10g drostanolone enanthate $300
10g drostanolone propionate $300
10g nandrolone phenylpropionate $150
10g Metenolone enanthate $300
10g Dymethazine $250

If you want to buy raw powder, please email me.

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