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something about DIANABOL

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Dianabol was first invented by Ziegler John and in 1966 went to market by the Ciba company And since then, it has been very popular, especially in the United States, Canada and Australia, Dianabol is Probably the most popular steroids. and the dose has soared since then. The effect of Dianabol is strong, but since its half-life is only 3 to 6 hours. That is to say it is fast but short duration, When you take it,the second day it may significantly promote protein synthesis, promote glycogen. It increase the strength and muscle latitude. About 20 years ago, the United States FDA banned D-bol (metandienone) treatment.But it is still widely used in U.S,Australia. Russians seem to love it recently, Chinese produce most D-bol powder in the world.

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something about DIANABOL


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