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Steroids abuse in Chinese Sports

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Officials complained that the money was "eaten". Any industry has the unspoken rules, in the sports Steroids (anavar, dianabol, stanozolol, turinabol etc) has become the unspoken rules, and even become coaches, players competing tools.

Swimming, athletics, weightlifting, these are the hardest hit by the steroids. In the field of Chinese swimming, Almost all swimmers use steroids, some famous has to choose quit to keep the rights of being a woman.

Steroids not only tarnish the Olympics of the holy, the impact of the fairness of the competition, also let some local sports authorities to carry a heavy economic burden.

A national swimming team coach grumbled: " Sports Commission doe not give us money, how we use new products? and without new products, how can we get good results?" But the province sports officials also complained,they have no money for the athelets to buy steroids.

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Steroids abuse in Chinese Sports


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