Advanced Steroids for Women

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Any woman should consider her goals before taking steroids. For all women, moderate androgen should be used in high doses and with normal accumulation. Most women are entertaining weightlifters or short-time competitors because they have neither the genetic nor the interest to go all the way through the competition. The following suggestions are for those who want to compete at the local, state, and even the highest levels of competition.
One of typical female steroid users started with high-grade female steroids
Primo 100mg / week, from 75mg / week, to the 6th week increased to 100
EQ at 75 mg / week
Winstrol 10 mg / day in two doses
Winstrol 20mg / D, twice daily
Winstrol 25mg im every 3 days
Testosterone was 60 mg / week, 15 mg every other day for 6 weeks.
Nandrolone phenylprop 100mg / week. It was about 75mg / week at the beginning and increased to 100 at the 6th week.
Take 25mg every other day.
Nandrolone phenylprop 75 mg / week, anavar 20 mg / day, divided into three times / day.
Anavar 10 mg / D in two doses
Anavar 15 mg / day, divided into three doses
Anava 20mg / day, administered in three times
Anavar 25 mg / day, divided into three doses
The above results have achieved good results, and good strength gain and lean muscle gain are output. Water retention in all cycles is also observed. Compared with other cycles, the preservation of Nandrolone is slightly stronger (except for TEST), and there is no pain in shoulder area during routine weightlifting.
It is important to avoid strong androgens, such as Im tren, d-bol, test, etc. Remember, even mild androgens can be very androgens if taken in large doses. In the above cycles, the most androgenic effect was the trial, followed by EQ, and all the others could be arranged in the same dose, although the use of a higher dose of winstrol IM may produce some androgen side effects.
The side effects of androgen can be the lowest dose of winstrol and Anavar, which are as low as 1 to 15 mg *, Once again, acne is experienced on the shoulders of all cycles, and it shows the worst EQ and test, as well as a slight hoarseness.
It seems to have the worst EQ and the main cracked Eq.
A considerable amount of hair growth was found in the Tests, while in steroid therapy, there was almost no hair growth except for low-dose Winny and low-dose var. Her clitoris also got bigger and thicker during the test.
My friend likes Anavar as much as primo, and Anavar is her preferred brand because it has been tested for pure and good doses.
After 8 weeks of treatment with 25mg Anavar daily, liver and lipid levels remained unchanged.
Avoid using prop and deca because nandrolone phenyl prop is safer and can be stopped if both sides are not good. You know, primo is usually a fake (DECA), and if it is true, it will appear in a long-term etser. EQ is also a long-acting ester. If you really get the bad side, you can stop the cycle with short clearing and inaction.
Women make some big mistakes when taking steroids, such as taking 50 mg of im winstrol a day, because it's too much.
Many people say that winstrol is the main cause of adverse side effects, but in fact, it's the way of IM and excessive dose. Many people don't realize that IM steroids are more bioavailability than oral steroids, so they should reduce the dosage.
With the exception of those who can lead, not all players need high doses. Before trying to stack, it is best to try each steroids separately.

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