Anadrol 50 How to take it

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Anadrol50, also known as A50 and A-bombs, is easy to buy online in the form of pills, capsules and injections. Doctors' prescriptions are unnecessary, but some patients do. Of course, this means that it must be used correctly under the guidance and supervision of qualified medical professionals.
Anadrol 50 is medically used and recommended for patients with osteoporosis and anemia. It is also helpful for the patients with bone marrow failure and the increase of RBC count. Anadrol also stimulates muscle growth in malnourished or stunted patients.It can be used to protect joints by people who are carrying weight or doing extreme exercise.
In terms of all oral steroids, anadrol has the strongest anabolic effect. This is considered to be 17-Alpha-Alkylated and is designated by the government as schedule III drug. The chemical name is a 17ß-hydroxy-2-(hydroxymethylene)-17-methyl-5a-androstan-3-one , and the molecular formula is c21h32o3.
When the ratio of anabolic/androgenic ratio was measured at 320:45, the drug remained active in the body for about 14-16 hours.
The drug can be detected in vivo for about 6-8 weeks, and its melting point is in the range of 178 ° - 180 ° C.
Anadrol 50 contains one active ingredient, Oxymetholone, and the other is magnesium stearate, povidone, starch and lactose.
The best dose of this steroid is 1-5 mg / kg body weight per day.
However, in sports, some people recommend using only 1-2 mg / kg body weight per day.
Those involved in sports use anadrol to improve their muscle mass levels, better synthesize proteins, increase body strength, and deal with aggression.
It only takes 4-6 weeks to observe the effect. Anadrol50 is also effective in improving endurance and developing lean muscle groups.

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