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The side effects of anavar are very mild, and even if men use high doses, they should not have any problems if they are healthy.
However, the term "high dose" must be defined because there are many different views on this issue.That is to say, 80-100 mg per day should be easy to accept. I think most people will think that 100 mg is a high dose. Oxandrolone hormones are popular among women because anavar is an exception to this rule. Most anabolic steroids cannot and should not be used by women. That's why many call anavar "the ultimate female anabolic steroid.". Like men, women have fewer side effects, which is why anavar has become indispensable in the market. This doesn't mean that women should put all caution out of the picture, because women have some concerns, because women are inherently more sensitive to hormones than men. However, Most of female users will be safe when responsibly using low to medium doses.

Possible danger
Because of the fact that oxandrolone is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), there are some side effects that have been associated with these anabolic steroids, which are alopecia and acne. If you have a genetic predisposition to alopecia and / or acne, use of oxandrone may speed up this process. If male users have male pattern baldness in their families, then there is a good chance that using anavar will bring this. To offset this, you may need to supplement finasteride, which is better known under its brand name, propicia and Proscar. The downside of this is that using this supplement itself can lead to some hormonal imbalance, which is not good, so you have to be careful. For acne, it can also be caused by genetic factors. In most cases, users who tend to explode and are sensitive to this will explode because of the use of anavar. Usually on the shoulders and back. If you have no acne in the past, are not sensitive or prone to eruption, then using anavar may not lead to your first round of acne. But make sure you want to bathe more often, of course, after a sweaty workout. You always want to change a new shirt, of course, there are always clean sheets on the bed, changing more frequently than usual. If you use anavar correctly in a short period of time, it is safe, but these slight side effects will occur according to your personal sensitivity.

Fake side effects of annava pills
People quickly make judgments without all the facts. When it comes to the use of anavar, there are many wrong information about the side effects of anavar. When you look at all the steroids online, you may find some very strong biases. Each makes the other sound worse. But if you are an enlightened person, look for the truth.You will study the facts and come to your own conclusions. The fact is that anavar does not cause side effects of estrogen, because the hormone does not aromatize. So it's impossible to have estrogen related problems. Anavar does not cause excessive water retention or breast development in women.


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