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One concern about anabolic steroids is the inhibition of natural testosterone production. This inhibition is inevitable in the anabolic steroid cycle. However, prolonged postcyclical inhibition can lead to loss of gains and may lead to adverse side effects, such as depression and loss of libido. In contrast, where natural testosterone secretion recovers rapidly, adverse effects on mood or libido can be reduced or eliminated, and benefits are maintained well. Posterior circulation therapy (PCT) with Nolvadex is specifically introduced to enable faster recovery.
To understand how Nolvadex accelerates recovery, it is important to understand how inhibition occurs and how it is reversed by selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs), such as Nolvadex.
The production of testosterone is regulated in a chain process. The testes produce testosterone according to the amount of LH produced by the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland produces LHRH according to the amount of LHRH produced by the hypothalamus and other factors. The hypothalamus produces LHRH based on the levels of estrogen and androgen in the blood and other factors.
In this process, estradiol is usually the most important estrogen, testosterone is the most important androgen, but in the anabolic steroid cycle, androgen may be any anabolic steroid.
At present, we assume that the ratio of testosterone to estradiol is fixed in individuals. This is usually true because estradiol is produced from testosterone. When we look at this, we think that when testosterone goes up or down, estradiol goes up or down.
Under normal circumstances, without the use of anabolic steroids, this process will keep testosterone and estradiol in the normal range of balance. If they are relatively high for individuals in a short period of time, the production of LHRH and LH will be reduced, thus reducing the production of testosterone and normalizing the level.
If estradiol levels are low, or rather, estrogen receptor activity is low, the hypothalamus produces more LHRH. This produces more luteinizing hormone and more testosterone.
What happens to the anabolic steroid cycle? Here, the hypothalamus always feels abnormally high androgen and may also feel abnormally high estrogen. So, it stops LH production, so does testosterone production.
Again, it's inevitable, and it's not necessarily a problem in itself.
But what about the post cycle? Shouldn't luteinizing hormone be restored immediately after a drop in androgen levels by injection or oral administration? Androgen suppression will end.
Unfortunately, this usually doesn't happen. As mentioned above, in addition to the current androgen and estrogen levels, there are other factors involved in the regulation of LHRH and LH production. Androgen and estrogen levels in the first few weeks are also important. After exposure to steroid cycles, the reduction of androgen and estrogen levels to normal levels may not in itself be sufficient to restart LH production, even if estradiol levels are normal.
Now - finally! It's a place for novadex.
By occupying the binding sites of estrogen receptors in cells without activating them, novaks prevents these receptors from being activated by estradiol. The cells then "think" that estradiol levels are low and respond accordingly.
In the case of the hypothalamus, it produces more LHRH in response to significantly lower estrogen levels. This stimulates the pituitary gland to produce LH, which in turn stimulates the testes and restores testosterone secretion.
There are several proven Nolvadex PCT dose regimens.
All good protocols start with a higher dose and then continue with a low dose of 20 mg / day. The reason is that when a drug is taken, the amount in the body is not only the amount just taken, but also the amount accumulated from the previous dose for about 6 days. At the beginning of use, this accumulation does not exist and will not have any effect unless this is taken into account. If it's not included, it takes weeks to build up.
One way to correct this is to take 120 mg on the first day and 40 mg in three doses. This will quickly bring the concentration to roughly the same level as that achieved at a daily dose of 20 mg. After that, the dose was the standard 20 mg / day.
Another way to get the right level quickly is to use double doses for a limited period of time. I suggest writing only four days, because that's all you need, but many authors suggest two weeks. (this, however, goes beyond the level of 20 mg per day.)
The drug should be continued until the production of natural testosterone is fully restored. It is reasonable to plan for 30 days.
Must realize that using more Nolvadex than above does not produce better results. There is absolutely no reason for you to go beyond my advice. This will only aggravate the side effects.
Even at the right dose, side effects may include impaired vision and decreased libido. In case of visual impairment, Nolvadex should be stopped immediately and anti aromatase, such as arimeadex or letrozole, should be used instead.
If libido declines, the problem is only temporary. Clomid may serve as an alternative to SERM in the future, as it may be more advantageous in this regard.
There is usually no reason to combine SERMs: for example, usually clomid or Nolvadex should be used as the only SERM, not together. However, in some difficult cases, the use of both clomid and Nolvadex is beneficial, but at half of each dose. In the hypothalamus, clomid alone, Nolvadex alone, or both may have no difference in half dose, but in pituitary, clomid and Nolvadex have opposite effects, so the combination of clomid and Nolvadex is different. (in some cases, I learned the benefits of combining from Dr. Scully.)
Before the advent of cheap anti_aromatase, nolvadex was also very popular as a drug against female breast hypertrophy. Today, it is best to use anti aromatase as a preventative, but if gynecological symptoms suddenly occur during the menstrual cycle, immediate treatment with Nolvadex will help. The dose for this use is the same as PCT.

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