Simple steroids cycle for new bodybuilders

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Many bodybuilders want to make a cycle to quickly enlarge their muscles, but they don't know how to use it. Let me share a few classic cycles.

Week 1-4 Turinabol 20mg / day
Week1-10 testosterone heptanate 300mg / week
Week1-6 liver protecting tablet
Week2-10 arimidex, one in three days

Make Turinabol as a start, testosterone as the main force. This cycle is not long and The dose is not large and you have a relatively large growth. Testosterone can improve synthesis, strength and recovery. Take liver protecting tablets to counteract liver damage of turinabol's. Arimidex as an anti-estrogen drug.

Muscle cycle
Week1-4 dianabol 50mg / day
Week1-12 testosterone heptanate 500mg / week
Week1-12 Deca 400mg / week
Week1-6 liver protecting tablet
Week2-10 arimidex one in two days

Dianabol as a starting point. Testosterone heptanate is the basic,

Fat reduction cycle
Week1-4 stanzolol 20mg / day
Week1-12 testosterone heptanate 300mg / week
Week1-12 Boldenone undecylenate 300mg / week
Week9-12 testosterone 50mg / day
Week1-6 liver protecting tablet
Week2-10 arimidex one in two days

Stanozolol increases strength and reduces fat as the start.

It is better to do physical examination before cycle, liver function, sex hormone, blood lipid, blood pressure, etc. So cycle can be customized to avoid some unnecessary risks.

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