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Many people are studying and searching the use of anabolic steroids. They think that just because thisi is an anabolic steroid website, It automatically promote the use of anabolic steroids, nothing is more ridiculous than the fact. Thankfully, there are some responsible people who tell people not to use anabolism because of a very strict list of prerequisites that one must meet in order to assume such responsibility. here is a short article on the risk of anabolic steroids.
What are they:
Anabolic steroids are synthetic drugs that mimic the male sex hormone testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics. Synthetic versions of testosterone and many of its derivatives make up a number of compounds that are widely used as performance enhancing drugs. Testosterone, deca, tren, dbol, tbol, primo, master, VaR and Winny are some popular compounds extracted from male sex hormones, which can produce anabolism and androgen effect in the body of users. When injected, anabolic binding to androgen receptors affects muscle quality. Increasing protein production and shortening recovery time by blocking the effect of stress hormones are two main factors that play a key role in the use of steroids, which makes steroid drugs popular among bodybuilders and high-level athletes.
What are the risks?
Steroid baldingMale is one of the potential risks of taking anabolic steroids.
There is a fairly long list of common and more serious side effects of steroids. Due to high levels of estrogen and testosterone, the use of anabolic drugs may cause acne. Users report a "puberty like" acne back to their skin. Baldness is typical of men who use steroids due to testosterone conversion into DHT, which is associated with male pattern baldness. Due to the aromatization of testosterone, the increase of estrogen may lead to weight gain and the possibility of female breast development. Young users (anyone under the age of 23) can hinder their growth, because when there is a lot of testosterone in the body, the bones reach the final fusion state. Anabolism increases the production of red blood cells, thickens the user's blood, and increases the risk of heart disease, thrombosis, hypertension and stroke. Most of the anabolic substances are HEPA toxic substances (toxic to the liver), and liver damage can lead to jaundice / skin yellowing. In addition, anabolism can lead to testicular atrophy (testicular atrophy), which is due to the body's natural testosterone secretion being turned off during the cycle; infertility is also a worrying mechanism. A Female breast development, or male female breast development, is a serious but common risk of steroid use. Breast development in women, or in men and women, is a serious but common risk of steroid use.
Imbalance of estrogen, testosterone and DHT may lead to impotence (inability to erect) in users who do not maintain hormone balance. Studies have shown that the use of anabolic steroids in young people can cause long-term damage to HPTA, a system that regulates hormones in the body. Many young people are diagnosed with low testosterone before they should be diagnosed with low testosterone levels, leading to lifelong use of testosterone replacement therapy. Improper use of anabolic steroids, even in the elderly, can result in a lower than optimal natural recovery of testosterone.

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